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Over-the-counter vitamins and minerals cured my autoimmune thyroid disease.

I was diagnosed with incurable Hashimoto’s disease (similar to graves’ disease) in 2001 with antibodies attacking my thyroid and eating it from the inside out. It isn’t contagious, but the disease is like AIDS in that once the antibodies start attacking, you’re screwed, there’s no going back.

But after 3 months of the stuff (below) my blood tests show that I DO NOT have the antibodies any longer and my thyroid is shrinking back to normal size. The antibody count went from 1,883, to 700, and now down to ZERO. Technically, I no longer have hashimoto’s thyroiditis, which is something that is NOT supposed to be curable. Now I’m gaining weight back and doing better.

2,000mg Vitamin C

100mcg Selenium

50mg Zinc

2000IU Vitamin D3

100mg Magnesium

100g Whey protein isolate

Going to try phosphatidylserene next to lower stress hormones even more so I can get more muscle back..


I have tried three blood pressure pills prescribed by my doctor. All three did not agree with me, The side affects were worse than the blood pressure problem. The doctor said there are 20 more to try. No Thank You! Surely one of them would put me out of commission altogether..

A friend told me about PressAssure. The day after Thanksgiving, I started taking PressAssure and shaving back my regular BP meds. By Jan 1st I dropped the prescription drug and using PressAssure only. I feel alot better and my blood pressure is normal. I also take vitamins daily.




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