Why Hasn't This Cancer Cure Story Been Told?
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I think that it is important for me to state that I have no medical training whatsoever. Neither have I any personal knowledge of essiac tea's effects on specific types of cancer or any other disease or condition.
I do not claim that Rene Caisse's essiac tea cures anything. There is no medical or scientific evidence to prove that it does.
There have unfortunately been no clinical trials of any kind of essiac tea up to date: I hope that there will be in the future.

For more than 50 years people from all over the world went to-
Ontario, Canada for cancer treatment with a simple herbal formula
that gave miraculous results.

Why has this important news failed to reach millions of vitally
interested people? The story of ESSIAC should be part and parcel
of the natural healing lore of North America. Instead it is
virtually unknown today despite the fact that it performed so well
against thousands of cases of terminal cancer that it came within
only three votes of being legalized by the Canadian parliament.
Still, chances are you have never heard of it.

Now, thanks to APW, you will not only know the whole story, you
will know the secret ingredients of this herbal formula and how to
get the herbs and make the tonic yourself.

What price truth? The medical monopoly and government proclaim to
have spent billions in search of a cure for cancer. Except for
the jobs created, the "War on Cancer" has been an utter flop.
That great "war" began in 1970 with President Nixon's appointment
of Benno C. Schmidt as "Cancer Czar" and about twenty years later
some truly valuable information squeezed out when the cancer
establishment finally admitted that the standard methods used
(chemotherapy, radiation, surgery) have lost the war - they don't
-work. That may be valuable information - but it's not good news.

How valuable is information that testifies to genuine victories
against cancer? There have been several widely proclaimed, but
suppressed therapies that indeed saved lives and restored health -
Dr. Koch, Dr. Ivy, Dr. Gerson, Hoxey et al. However, one of the
greatest of these alternative cancer stories - the story of ESSIAC
has not been openly told. Such information should not be withheld
from the people, but until now, it has been! You have a right to
know that a simple herbal remedy was credited for curing
thousands, and for relieving the pain of more thousands of dying
cancer patients.

"There is a tragic and shameful irony in the ESSIAC tale," notes a
Canadian magazine, "In the beginning, a simple herbal recipe was
freely shared by an Indian who understood that the blessings of
the Creator belong to all."

You have probably heard such shameful stories before. How greedy
individuals with power over the cancer establishment suppressed
possible cures because they, the owners of that establishment,
could not have absolute control. It happened in the case of Dr.
William F. Koch, for example.

The ESSIAC story is one that has not been widely circulated. Even
the various "alternative" circles in the United States know little
if anything about this fantastic herbal remedy and the role it
played for decades in Canada.

APW heard the story and read Dr. Gary Glum's book "Calling of An
Angel." Then our investigative skills went to work. The well
written and documented book actually raised more questions than it
answered, and it did not reveal the formula. We learned that
there are present day charges and counter-charges marring the
whole truth, and people with vested interests are squabbling over
rights to the formula which had been used so well by the late Rene
Caisse. This fabled nurse used the formula unselfishly for
decades. ESSIAC, in fact, is her name spelled backwards.

So many terminally ill patients became well again that public
pressure forced the Canadian Parliament to react in 1939. The
medical monopoly pulled out all stops, yet ESSIAC came within only
three votes of becoming a legal therapy for cancer. The medical
establishment won the war of politics and propaganda - but helped
lose the war on cancer.

APW'S Tom Valentine probed the story behind the story, and found
out the whole truth with the help of sincere people, doctors and
laymen alike, who have no special axes to grind.

Dr. Charles Brusch of the famed Brusch Clinic in Cambridge,
Massachusetts (physician to John F. Kennedy) - not only tested
ESSIAC on human patients, but proved its value against his own
cancer. He continues proclaiming it's great value today.

ESSIAC appears to be able to dissolve diabetes as well as cancer!


Excerpts from the book "Calling of An Angel" follows :

"I decided that if I should ever develop cancer," Rene wrote in
her brief autobiography, I WAS CANADA'S CANCER NURSE, that I would
use this herbal tea. Then about a year later she was strolling
with a wise and aged doctor when he stopped, took his cane and
stroked a weed. "Nurse Caisse," he told Rene, "if people would
use this weed there would be little or no cancer in the world."

The doctor told her the name of the plant, Burdock and Rene
realized that it was one of the herbs the elderly woman had named
as an ingredient in the medicine man's tea.

Rene Caisse was a practical and sensible woman, who was very busy
with her nursing career, so she didn't get excited right away

about the fantastic story of the herbal remedy, and even after
the doctor's statement seemed to confirm that she might have
something worthwhile, she didn't experiment or bother herself
about the formula.

Then her mother's sister was diagnosed with cancer of the stomach
and liver. The woman was given, at most, six months to live by
her physician, R. O. Fisher, MD.

Rene knew the doctor well, so she told him the story of the herbal
tea and asked permission to give it a try under his observation.
Since there was apparently nothing else medical technology could
do, Dr. Fisher consented on the spot.

"I obtained the necessary herbs, with some difficulty," Rene
wrote, "and made the tea."

Rene put it succinctly in her book: "My aunt lived for 21 years
after being given up by the medical profession. There was no
recurrence of cancer."

One could write "needless to say" when describing the reaction by
Dr. Fisher, but when it comes to cancer, the behavior of the
medical profession is anything but predictable. However, Dr.
Fisher was, indeed, impressed with what he observed. He asked
Rene to treat other patients -- other "hopeless" cancer patients.

Dr. Fisher spread the word to other doctors and soon Rene was
being asked to treat their "hopeless" patients as well. They,
too, were impressed with the results. By this time the year was
1926. The rate of cancer death in the United States had risen to
103 per 100,000! Apparently, cancer was growing in the general
population very much like a malignant tumor.

Obviously Rene became very attached to the herbal formula. She
called it ESSIAC, which is Caisse spelled backwards.

Of all the factors inherent in the bureaucratic syndrome that sets
itself up within the structures of large organizations, the NIH
factor is among the most powerful of influences. Not invented

This is not the only reason for the infamous "waivers" required by
large corporations, but it's likely the most sincere. Legally,
the deep pockets of large corporations are a target for nuisance
lawsuits, so they must take great care with what they accept or
reject that comes to them from outsiders. None of this is truly
germane to Rene's case, however.

The simplest fact is -- ESSIAC is not going to profit a large drug
company, even if it is acknowledged as the "cure for cancer."

Firstly, it would wipe out most of the other product sales and
secondly there is no way a company can monopolize a simple herbal
tonic if the secret formula gets out.

They could protect the formula as Coca Cola has done, you might
argue. True, but why ruin all that good business with the real
thing? Cancer may be deadly, but loss of economy is even deadlier
in many a person's view.

Rene really knew better than to try soliciting the large drug
companies, but she tried anyway. Back when WWII broke out, she
recalled the fact that ESSIAC had a way of stopping hemorrhages --
the face cancer case for example. She wrote to Parke Davis
company in hopes they would use her formula to help wounded
servicement during the conflict. No dice! She wrote to Merck and
to the Biochemical Institute at the University of Texas and
received frustration for her efforts.

Finally, in 1973 at the age of 85 Rene Caisse tried Sloan-
Kettering one more time. Perhaps she was stimulated by all the
hype for President Richard Nixon's "War on Cancer," program where
the rich within the cancer establishment were going to get richer.

The Laetrile controversy was in full bloom and Sloan-Kettering was
in the middle. Many people today, including the man who served as
the public relations officer for Sloan-Kettering, Dr. Ralph Moss,
are conviced that the "tests" for any efficacy with Laetrile were
rigged to fail.

Dr. Chester Stock, who figured prominently in the Laetrile
squabble by the nature of his position, responded to Rene that if
she would send ESSIAC, they would again test it.

Rene sent Sloan-Kettering one of the herbs -- probably the Burdock
Root -- because it is the apparent tumor regressor. The other
three are blood purifiers and symbiotic support substances. She
also gave them careful instruction on how to prepare and inject
the material.

Results of their tests were never released. Maybe future
inspection of the archives at Sloan-Kettering may tell the truth
about the results of the animal experiments.


The ESSIAC formula : 6 & 1/2 cups of Burdock Root (cut)
16 ounces of Sheep Sorrel herb (powder)
1 ounce of Turkey Rhubarb Root (powder)
4 ounces of Slippery Elm Bark (powder)


Preparation of ESSIAC herbal tea :

1) Measure out 8 ounces of the Essiac mix (the dry
formula above)

2) Place two gallons of distilled water in a stainless
steel kettle.

3) Bring the water to a brisk boiling point (about 30

4) Put ESSIAC dry mix into the boiling water, stir and
boil hard for about 10 minutes

5) Allow to sit and cool slowly for six hours.

6) After six hours, stir it thoroughly with a wooden or
stainless tool

7) Let it sit for another six hours

8) Return kettle to stove and bring to a boil

9) When the boiling point is reached, turn off the heat
and pour the contents through a stainless strainer
into a second stainless kettle

10) Clean the first kettle thoroughly

11) Strain the contents a second time from pot two to pot

12) Bottle the herbal tea immediately into dark amber
bottles and seal it while still hot

(*** Dark amber bottles may be purchased
from most any drug store or pharmacy ***)

13) Store in refrigerator


Directions for use of ESSIAC

Heat two ounces (four tablespoons) distilled water, then
mix it with two ounces of ESSIAC tea taken directly from
the refrigerator.

ESSIAC should be taken at bed time on an empty stomach, at
least two hours after eating.

It can be taken in the morning on an empty stomach. If
taken in the morning, do not eat for at least two hours
after taking the ESSIAC.

Keep the ESSIAC refrigerated at all times.

Shake well each time before pouring.


Where to purchase the correct and properly prepared herbs :

Herb Products Co. Aphrodesia Products Inc.
11012 Magnolia Blvd. 282 Bleeker Street
North Hollywood, CA 91601 New York, NY 10014
(818) 984-3141 (212)-989-6440

Harvest Health Foods Haussman's Pharmacy
1944 Eastern Ave. SE Sixth & Girard Ave.
Grand Rapids, MI 49507 Philadelphia, PA 19127

Nature's Herb Co. Penn Herb Co.
281 Ellis Street 603 North Second Street
San Francisco, CA 94102 Phildelphia, PA 19123
(415) 474-2756 (215) 925-3336

Indiana Botanical Gardens
626 177th Street
Hammond, IN 46325
(219) 931-2480

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ESSIAC The "Real Thing" from Resperin Canada

Essiac tea was discovered among the Ojibway indians in 1922. It is made with herbs. The primary herbs in Essiac are Sheep Sorrel, Burdock Root, Slippery Elm Bark, and Rhubarb Root. Lesser amounts of kelp, red clover, blessed thistle, and watercress are added in small amounts.

Making essiac tea
Avoid the use of plastic or aluminum while you are preparing essiac tea.
Do not expose the tea to sunlight; this will destroy it's beneficial properties.
Do not freeze the tea.
Do not microwave the tea
If a green mould appears, throw the tea away.
Never store the tea in plastic bottles.
Store the bottles of tea upright.

The Essiac Herb Book
Canada's Amazing Ojibway Herbal Tea



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